Unifi™ Analytics

Your business portal for Key Performance Indicators.

Unifi™ Analytics*

Your business portal for Key Performance Indicators.

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Unifi Analytics is a customer interface filled with rich insightful analytics of Hologic medical devices in the healthcare enterprise. Unifi Analytics concentrates primarily on the mammography suite including technologist performance, proactive device maintenance and business insights.

Optimize Efficiency with Advanced Insights


Unifi Analytics insights help keep your practice on target to meet your productivity and accuracy goals. By providing visualizations and statistical analysis such as device utilization, technologist efficiency and accuracy, and enterprise volume forecasts, Unifi Analytics presents a clear, actionable path to improve your imaging center performance.


Unifi Analytics is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence to help your practice monitor critical components of your mammography equipment and predict tube failures before they occur so action can be taken to avoid costly downtime. A.I. is also in place to predict procedural volumes as well as repeat reject rates and notify you if performance is moving off target. These predictive algorithms are just some of the actions we are taking to raise the standard of care in mammography.


Distributed through secure, encrypted channels to the Microsoft Azure HIPAA framework, your data and analytics is protected. All data is de-identified in accordance with HIPAA privacy rules so there is no PHI transferred to our servers for analysis. Routine Coalfire™ penetration testing compliments our best practices to ensure there are no holes in our security architecture and protocols.

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*Unifi™ Analytics is a non-medical device. Unifi™ Analytics is available for sale in the U.S. and is not commercially available in OUS markets at this time.

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